We certainly wouldn't want to encourage motorists to break the law, but knowing exactly what the law is can often help a driver caught by one of Britain's 4000 speed cameras. It can be very annoying being fined when you're a safe driver, but just remember, you can fight back!


“Save Your Licence” is an 85 page eBook from several experts describing all the loopholes of the present law, with useful details about speed detectors and counter measures.
It explains what you can say when caught speeding, describes the grounds for challenging a speed camera prosecution, and details the "make as difficult as possible for them" strategy.
Here  is exactly what you'll learn.

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“UK Driving Secrets” is a more detailed, comprehensive and fully updated eBook covering the full range of legal hazards to drivers. It includes not only speeding offences, but also parking restrictions, wheel clamping regulations, drink-driving etc. All current loopholes and defences are described. Where is the driver that doesn't need this information?
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